Collection Lawsuits Need to Be Addressed

Life is stressful enough as it is. Being in debt and then getting sued by your creditor, in the form of a collection lawsuit, only makes it more so. The important thing to do in this situation is to keep your wits about you and ensure that you respond to the collection lawsuit. It is important that you do not leave this matter unresolved or do not handle it properly. The reason for responding is simple, a collection lawsuit is a legal matter and you are legally obligated to respond within a given time frame. Whether or not you feel that you are liable to pay the debt is another matter, what is immediately important is that you respond. It is after you respond that you can then shift the burden of proof to the creditor that filed the collection lawsuit to prove that it is you who owes the debt, that the amount they are suing for is accurate, and that they have the legal right to sue you and claim the amount mentioned in the collection lawsuit. Your main takeaway from here, though, is that you should not leave the collection lawsuit not responded to as the creditor may proceed with and continue legal proceedings against you, so make sure you respond!

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Collection Defense Attorney’s Let You Know Your Options

A collection lawsuit can make life doubly stressful. Not responding to the collection lawsuit can make matters even worse. While it is entirely possible to draft a response to the lawsuit and send it, we would advise another course of action. We would suggest making use of the services of a collection defense attorney. A collection defense attorney, of the sort that is part of our team at Washington Bankruptcy Relief, are specialist when it comes to dealing with collection lawsuits and the creditors that file these lawsuits. Our team of collection defense attorneys is here to advise you on how to respond and proceed. They are also here to help you calculate if you owe third-party lenders anything and if yes then exactly how much you owe them as well. We can not stress this enough but do not let your creditors intimidate you. When it comes to collection lawsuits they may tack on extra charges and try to collect more than you owe. We strongly advise that you relax, take a step back, and let our team of collection defense attorneys step in and litigate your worries away.