What is wage garnishment?
Garnishment is the money deducted from an employee’s bank account before an employee sees it. It is removed for the repayment of loans or the money for child support or credit card payments. This money is deducted from the paychecks or accounts registered in the employee’s name.
Garnishment can never happen without a court order, meaning the company or an employer can not deduct an employee’s money.
There are more than 7% of employees whose wages are garnished.
How can a Wage garnishment lawyer help?
A wage garnishment lawyer can help you save your money from being garnished. At Washington major law group, we use our experience to help our clients affected by wage garnishment.
We file various cases that can help our client’s Wage being garnished.
Cases that can stop your Wage from being garnished
Wage garnishment can be prevented by filing Applications or dialogues such as

1. Talking out with the creditor.
2. File a case of exception.
3. Challenging the garnishment.
4. Settling or refinancing your financial debt.
5. Work with creditors on giving some repayment plans.
6. File bankruptcy

Why do I need a wage garnishment lawyer?

A wage lawyer garnishment can help you out with filing the Application and preparing all the legal and required documents. In these cases where the Court has already filed an order, it is hard for inexperienced lawyers to get the best results.

What do we do at Washington major law group?
In these cases, the lawyers should keep every step in mind and be prepared for all the documents. At Washington major law group, we at major law group prepare everything in advance that is required. By the Court, we try to give a relief to our client by the services. We have been treating these types of cases for a long time and have an experienced team working as wage garnishment lawyers, which their clients always appreciate.

What is the best way to stop a Wage Garnishment in Washington?
Bankruptcy functions well to stop many wage garnishments– and also, you don’t need to worry about losing every little thing you possess.

Property exemptions apply to more than simply incomes. Each state has a checklist of exemptions that a filer can utilize to secure a home needed to maintain a residence and work, such as furniture, clothing, and a moderate auto. You’ll discover the possessions provided in each state’s exemption laws.

Washington Bankruptcy has the best lawyers for you for all of your wage garnishment requirements
The lawyers at Washington Bankruptcy are always here for you. They work out in your favor and advise you heavily on filing bankruptcy requirements.
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